2020 marked John Coble Garrett’s transition from "college" bass angler to the world of professional bass fishing. John knew the road to success would be a challenge considering he would be going head-to-head with the nation’s best anglers. But he’s no stranger to the pressures of competing in tournament situations. His tournament performance consistency had him ranked as #1 or #2 in the nation as a collegiate angler.

John was a member of one of the nation’s top collegiate bass team, Bethel University’s Fishing Team. In 2016, John won the most coveted prize in the sport of collegiate bass fishing, Bassmaster College Classic Bracket Series Champion on Kentucky Lake. He was the first angler in Tennessee state history to take home the title, and he did so at the young age of 20. In addition to the Classic berth, John earned free entry into all nine of the Bassmaster Open tournaments in 2017. Since then, John has competed on the Bassmaster Open Tournament Tour and finished in the top five for 2021 Open Angler of the Year (AOY) and just one AOY point shy of earning a Bassmaster Elite Series invitation.

Most young anglers might have walked away from academia to compete full time on the tournament circuit, but John’s commitment to graduation from college took precedence over his opportunity to pursue a professional career. Winning such a big event while being a member of the Bethel Basscats was a life-changing experience, as well as an affirmation for John’s long-term quest for a career as a professional bass angler. John now has his eyes set on earning a spot to compete on the Bassmaster Elite Series. As his schedule permits, John will also compete in other major and regional tournaments such as Major League Fishing (MLF).

John Garrett

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